AEW star Chris Jericho spoke with Konnan, Disco Inferno, Joseph Feeney and Wrestling Society X founder Kevin Kleinrock on Keepin It 100 with Konnan this week. The subject matter turned to Jericho’s former co-employee, present WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Jericho has not retained up with Roman’s operate, but he had almost nothing but praise for the tribal main and is not stunned by his results.

“I have not [kept up] but I’ve been studying about it and it’s no shock,” Jericho stated. “When I was there in 2016 I labored with Roman fundamentally all close to the entire world. I was a heel, he was a babyface. It is a no brainer there. You know what Roman is? I often stated this and he’s performing it now, if you just fall the f**king script and just allow him be him, he’s Great Hand Luke man. He’s like the coolest cat. He’s a fantastic person. Just permit him be him, and that is what he’s doing now, of course with a heelish slant, which is fantastic.

“When he sooner or later turns babyface he’ll be even even larger than he is now, mainly because he’s just a amazing, awesome man. And now they’re letting him do all this things and it does not surprise me that he’s killing it, due to the fact he’s that form of performer.”

In a bit of a transform, Jericho was then asked his thoughts from this earlier weekend’s UFC 264, which saw Conor McGregor eliminate to Dustin Poirier owing to doctor stoppage. Jericho didn’t mince phrases, believing McGregor was fortunate to shed by that and declared that Conor, as we know him, is completed in the Octagon.

“Conor’s accomplished and I feel anyone understands it,” Jericho explained. “I imagine he appreciates it. I imagine the greatest issue that could’ve took place is that he snapped his ankle, since he would’ve dropped in the second round. Herb Dean nearly identified as it at the conclude of the first, but he was permitting it go mainly because it was to the conclude and it’s a championship, million greenback combat. Not a championship but it was a million dollar fight. All those elbows in the corner guy, at the time you get a guy down like that he’s concluded.

“So I imagine it was truly a stroke of destiny that’s going to conclude up earning them all much more income that Conor broke his ankle. Simply because he would’ve been finished in about a further two minutes in any case. The only issue I would say for Dustin, if he’s heading to get a amount four, which I would say ‘go f**k you, I’m not performing it.’ I’d say ‘okay, you want number four? I want a 50-50 purse split with Conor.’ See what takes place. If he can get 50-50, acquire it. If not, see you afterwards buddy. What is the stage? Conor’s finished.”

You can watch the entire clip underneath.