Just a few weeks after his UFC 264 loss, Conor McGregor has worried fans after posting a series of videos to his Instagram account smoking in what he describes as a “big blunt”

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Conor McGregor shows off watch as he smokes cigar

A recent video posted by Conor McGregor has drawn concern from fans about the UFC star’s well-being.

McGregor is currently recovering from a broken tibia that he suffered in his UFC 264 loss to Dustin Poirier last month. The Irishman underwent surgery the day after the fight and is now facing a year away from the cage.

‘Notorious’ has stayed in Hollywood since the loss, flying his family over from Ireland and hanging out with the likes of Justin Bieber and baseball star Ronald Acuna Jr.

McGregor caught the attention of fans when he posted a video of himself to his Instagram story smoking in what he described as a “big blunt”.

McGregor filmed himself smoking in the videos



“A big blunt. Yeah, look at the neck on me! I’m getting jacked,” McGregor laughed.

The video sparked discussion from some fans who think McGregor is in a troubled state of mind, and some believing he is just enjoying himself.

One user wrote: “Conor please try and get beyond your current state of mind and reach out to family and friends. You do not look happy and you have a beautiful family for support and love, reach out to them. Get beyond this and look forward.”

Another user agreed, stating: “I know Conor is nuts but anyone else think theres something not right about him since the lead up to the last fight with Poirier? Like personally? I could be wrong, but hey.”

“He’s obviously lost his sanity, since after alvarez fight, around the time the first r*** allegations was that’s when things started to get dark,” a third user wrote.

Some users were quick to come to McGregor’s defense, stating he is doing nothing wrong and simply enjoying himself in the videos.

“Cause smoking weed is so irrational?” a user added.

“He only human…he’s stressed leave the man be…” another agreed.

“Bruh is he okay? This doesn’t seem right i mean nothing is wrong with smoking blunts but this video really random….F it enjoy life mr Connor lol” a third user said.

McGregor faced heavy criticism for threatening to kill Poirier and his wife following his stoppage loss at UFC 264. As a result of this, McGregor could be punished by the UFC.

The former two-weight UFC champion was set to fight Irish impressionist Al Foran in a wheelchair boxing match in September, but McGregor has said next month is too early for a return to any sort of competition.

“Guys, the September date is too early for me. I am still in recovery. My docs/physical therapy team out here advise me to stay.

“I reckon late October at earliest. But maybe November/December too. It is hard to say at this time a concrete date. But I’m in! Wait for me please,” McGregor said about the charity fight.