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Diamond Guide: Size, Weight and Value

Diamond Guide: Size, Weight and Value


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Diamond carat excess weight

Diamond weight is currently measured in carats, namely 200 milligrams. The phrase “carat” refers to the unit of pounds of natural and synthetic gemstones, corresponding to 1/5 of a gram. That is, 1 carat equals .2 grams. This benefit was set up as the standard for weighing valuable and semi-precious stones in 1907 by the Fourth Common Convention on Weights and Actions in Paris. The identify carat comes from the Cerátiοn carob tree. Its seeds have the one of a kind aspect that any seed weighs .2 grams, i.e. 1 carat. In 1913 the United States officially adopted “carat” as the device of measurement for a gemstone, and in 1914 Excellent Britain and Europe adopted their example. In the 1930s most of the diamond and gemstone field converged on a standardized unit of measurement that is even now in use right now.

 Size, weight and value of diamonds

Dimensions issues

Measurement performs an essential part in the diamond’s overall look. In addition to the carat weight, the diameter of the stone should be taken into account. A popular misconception is that fifty percent a carat is 50 % the size of 1 carat. In actuality, 50 % a carat is 50 percent the pounds of a single carat, but the difference in millimeters for a outstanding-reduce stone is only 1.35 mm. A stone with an common bodyweight of .50 carats will have a diameter of 5.00 mm, though a stone with an typical bodyweight of 1.00 carats will have a diameter of 6.35 mm.


The diameter of a common round outstanding slice diamond weighing 1 carat is close to 6.3-6.5 mm. Carat fat by itself does not identify the benefit of a diamond. For instance, two a person-carat diamonds can be considerably diverse in cost. The worth of a stone is generally identified not by its sizing, but by its clarity, shade, and high-quality of reduce. Given this, it is obvious that significant, flawless diamonds are exceptional.

It really is also really worth knowing that carat bodyweight can have distinctive values for diverse cuts, this kind of as spherical, ” princess”, pear, oval, ” cushion”, “marquis”, emerald, “radiant” or “heart”. Diamond can have a lot more carat pounds without looking greater, and two diamonds of the exact carat fat can have unique dimensions if one particular is cut deeper than the other. In other words, it is crucial to observe that carat excess weight does not necessarily reveal measurement.


Depending on the sizing, diamonds can be divided into numerous groups:

 – Modest, with a fat of .01 to .09 carats

 – Little stones weighing up to .29 carats

 – Medium-sized stones weighing from .3 to .99 carats

 – Massive, or so-identified as “solitaires” weighing more than a single carat

 – Auction gems, as they can only be purchased at international auctions, in excess of 3 to 6 carats.


At present, it is possible to evaluate the bodyweight of a diamond with an accuracy of .01 carat on a distinctive carat scale. This can be done equally in a jewellery workshop and in a jewelry manufacturing facility.

But how to locate out the carat body weight of a diamond when it is presently set into an engagement ring. 

There is a special formula for carat fat (CW):

CW = D2 × H × 0.0061 

Where D is the diameter of the diamond  and H is its peak. The uncertainty of this method can be up to 10 p.c. 

This components functions for round-lower and oval-minimize diamonds. For triangular, heart and baguette stones, the final worth in the formula must be changed by .057, .0059 and .00915, respectively.

The value of diamonds

Dealt with diamonds are valued in accordance to the internationally regarded “Tavernier rule”: the value of a gemstone is equal to the sq. of the mass (carat weight) of the crystal by the base value of a person carat.

Hence, to invest in a .3-carat diamond is nearly twice as pricey as a .29-carat stone, and a piece of jewelry with a .5-carat diamond will value substantially a lot more than a equivalent piece of jewellery with a .48-carat stone. A 2-carat diamond is 3 periods additional highly-priced than a 1-carat stone, and a 3-carat diamond is 10 situations far more high-priced than a 1-carat stone. This “progression” will increase up to 5 carats. A 10-carat diamond is valued at 100 times the selling price of a 1-carat diamond.