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Dip powder nails are a go-to choice for mani enthusiasts many thanks to their chip-resistant shine and for a longer time dress in time than a natural manicure and even gel polish manicures. Also known as SNS nails (a model of dip powder developed by CND), dip powder brings together a form of nail glue and colored acrylic powder to produce a long lasting manicure with no requiring UV light-weight to heal the polish.

Nonetheless, given that dip powder nails are utilized by layering resin and powder, it generates a thicker manicure that can be more challenging to remove on your personal without risking problems to your normal nails — even extra so than taking away gel nail polish. “A con to applying dip powder is that it is a approach to take out, and the fact you have to take away it all in purchase to do a new set,” claims Lexi Suga, nail skilled and owner of Notox Nails in Beverly Hills, CA.

Like eliminating acrylics, it truly is frequently advisable to have your dip powder nails taken out by a specialist, but with persistence and a whole lot of treatment you can securely get rid of the dip powder formulation at household and keep your nails healthier and satisfied. This is how to eliminate dip powder nails at home safely and securely and efficiently, according to Suga:

Tools you will want:

  • Nail file
  • Nail clipper
  • Acetone
  • Compact bowl
  • Wooden cuticle pusher

    Step 1: Slice the extensions and file down the shade.

    Utilizing the nail clipper, trim off any false tips until the length matches that of your pure nails beneath. Upcoming, it is time to offer with the nail colour: Bear in mind, you have layers of the resin and powder blend on your nails, so you will want to file down the coloration to make the removing course of action more workable.

    “In buy to get rid of dip nails, it truly is vital to file the shade down as substantially as achievable,” Suga says, which will support facilitate the elimination process utilizing acetone. “Make it extremely slim so that the acetone can soak as a result of rapidly,” she advises. “If you are acquainted with working with an e-file, it is an even better selection to speed up the approach.”

    Observe: E-documents or nail drills, typically made use of by pros, can injury your pure nails. If you are not versed in the course of action, choose for a traditional nail file in its place.

    Phase 2: Soak your nails in a bowl of acetone.

    Soaking your nails in acetone will eliminate the polish — but you should not be alarmed if this will take some time. “I advocate submerging them for 10 minutes, then carefully scraping off as considerably of the surplus as you can,” Suga suggests. If the polish will not budge when it is really nudged, even immediately after 10 minutes, it really is a signal you want to soak for longer.

    Phase 3: Gently scrape off the remaining polish.

    For the scraping system, utilize the wood cuticle pusher and scrape away from your cuticle mattress toward the top rated of your nail. “If there is continue to dip powder on your nails, repeat this process once more till it is totally taken out,” Suga states. And be client: “Never rush the removing course of action since you can injury your nail beds,” she warns. “Also, never at any time rip the dip powder nails off, as you can cause critical trauma to your nails.”

    Stage 4: Give your organic nails some TLC.

    After you take out the dip powder method from your nails, you will want to just take great care of your pure nails. File your nails to your chosen shape and buff your nails. “Use cuticle oil to the cuticles and a strengthening polish on the nails soon after you are finished if you do not intend on reapplying,” Suga recommends.

    Can you take away dip powder without having acetone?

    As for the additional “pure” dip powder nail removal approaches some on the internet, nail execs say steer distinct. “There are hacks that recommend soaking nails in acetone substitutions like white vinegar and alcohol or utilizing baking soda and toothpaste combine, but I do not endorse these solutions,” she clarifies. “If you want to fully take away the dip powder safely and securely and properly, I strongly propose utilizing acetone.”

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