September 27, 2023

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How to Make Loop De Loop Wire Hoop Earrings

How to Make Loop De Loop Wire Hoop Earrings

 Wire hoop earrings have been my go-to wire wrap undertaking recently. I am enjoying both of those generating and donning all of these wonderful wire hoop earrings.

Double looped wire hoop earrings

This week, I am including a further exclusive and enjoyment wire hoop design, while it is a lot more complicated than the unfastened messy coiled wire hoop earring tutorial and the smaller coiled wire huggie hoops layout. In actuality, I’m not sure I have absolutely mastered the approach for these – but I am undoubtedly on the verge of it.

Double looped pieces of wire for jewelry making

This looping style is promising for a ton much more than hoop earrings. I believe it is a good organic looped component that will do the job in dangle earrings, as a bracelet link or a pendant. And I’m just about beneficial, the wire condition is heading to look good with gemstones and bead dangles – so this is surely a wire style that I system to take a look at and enable evolve some much more.

The resources and products I applied for this challenge are:

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The hoop earrings use a piece of 20 gauge wire about 10 inches very long. I have been employing brass wire – but as shortly as I get a minor greater earning the loops constant, I will consider the project with 20 gauge gold craft wire.

Centered loop on piece of wire

Start out by making a centered loop with the next smallest stage of the 6 step pliers (3 mm). I really don’t consider the loop is technically required, I just come across it much easier than acquiring a tail wire. I believe the greater loop helps me keep the subsequent ranges of loops centered. Place your pliers beneath the loop. You are going to wrap the wire around the smallest barrel of the 6 stage pliers (2 mm) to make the loops.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Wrap the wire close to the pliers to make a loop. Make absolutely sure it is a comprehensive loop and the wire is pointing down or somewhat angled to the other facet.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Clear away your pliers and posture the smallest barrel on the other side of the wire, beneath the loop you just manufactured.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Wrap the wire about the smallest barrel till the wire is pointing downward.  You will will need to reposition your pliers to make the whole loop for each and every action.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

Go on in this way down the duration of the wire until you have more than enough loop de loop wire to make the dimension hoop you want.

Making a small loop on a piece of wire

It will get harder to maintain the loops aligned and identical sizes the additional you make. It is just the way it is. I believe it gets less difficult with follow, because I am getting better at it.

Making multiple loops on a piece of wire

You can make some adjustments, but the organic feeling of the loops is what makes these earrings additional interesting (I assume!).

I built a jig yesterday to assistance me make some a lot more reliable measurement and formed loops, but it is really not fairly all set for primary time however. If it works, I’ll share it in a long term write-up.  

I would use a single of the jigs I procured – other than I can only obtain the pegs – not the jig (standard dilemma) and I am not buying everything else that I now have – so until finally it turns up, I guess I will get really very good at producing loops or make a jig. The solution is each…

A step that I am not exhibiting is that I hammered the looped wire on the two sides frivolously to work harden the wire. I will in all probability tumble them too – at the very least the brass types. Not sure if I will tumble the craft wire kinds or not – I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

2 handmade looped wire hoop earrings

One other style that helped lead me here is this easy looped hoop. The flat variation and 3-D variation are really the exact design and style – I just unfold apart the loops alternating one particular remaining and a single suitable on the 3-D variation. The 3-D types do not stand out when you’re wearing them, so they’re a little bit of a fail, but could operate with beads included. 

Similar issue with the flat hoop – it’s just as well simple as it is, whilst there are a lot of choices to spruce it up.  It is really a jewelry task for one more day while.