September 25, 2023

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How to Run a Marathon and Still Feel Pretty - By Ambassador Kristen

How to Run a Marathon and Still Feel Pretty – By Ambassador Kristen

Dear Beloved Kinds,

I have been pondering about how to update all of you on my chemotherapy treatment options this summer, which just so happen to have fallen appropriate smack dab in the middle of getting a Beth Millner Jewelry ambassador. For a whilst I was not confident if it was the worst timing or the best timing when I was decided on, but then I understood that this is exactly how lifetime goes: you never get to choose the timing of your life’s troubles or your possibilities. You only have command on how you pick to imagine about them, and how or if you decide to act upon them. For instance, I could say that breast cancer is the worst issue or the ideal issue which is occurred to me, mainly because both are genuine. Operation and chemo aren’t just points that people rush to indicator up for, but at the exact same time, that’s exactly what it took to learn how lots of angels I have in my corner and how kind and generous and thoughtful the earth can be. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen battling breast cancer


Now that I’m approaching 7 days 8 of the 12-7 days Chemo Marathon that I by no means wished to indicator up for, sponsored by the club I’d in no way needed to be a part of (breast most cancers), I have understood a individual truth: marathons suck. I mean, I’m positive there’s at the very least just one individual out there who loves working so a lot that they look ahead to beating the crap out of their bodies for miles and miles, and that probably there’s some weird runner’s euphoria I’ve however to faucet into, but dang! Not gonna lie, it was less complicated at the commencing when you are at the commencing line and there are a gazillion of your bystander peeps looking at you and cheering you on. And I’m sure there will be just as many there waiting around for me to cross the finish line. But when you’re on mile 8 of 12, and there aren’t as numerous persons on the sidelines looking at you any more, your operating receives very ugly, and so do your feelings. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen losing hear from chemo treatment


And talking of that, there’s very little that’ll stir up your notions of natural beauty and ugliness very like a pleasant round of balding chemo. But then all over again, that is the total place of this story, a reminder that we have total command of how we decide on to see something, and we can either seize an chance or permit it go us by. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen losing hair from chemo treatment

I do not know about you, but since I didn’t prepare on having all my hair slide out several times in my lifetime, I figured now was the prospect to transform a handful of lemons into lemonade. 

It was a few weeks ago when I was ready to start pulling all my hair out in clumps, pretty considerably right on agenda, all-around “mile 4” in the marathon. I understood that as challenging as it was, I’d will need to make peace with saying goodbye to my hair, as “unpretty” as that may well make me truly feel, and I’d experienced a excellent concept that would distract me sufficient to get by way of at the very least the up coming couple of miles. 

I was likely to chortle my way by way of the complete matter, and I was going to make confident that anyone else benefited from it, way too. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen losing hair from chemo treatments

And that’s just what I did. I went out on social media and informed all my buddies that for every $20 they donated, that they’d get their names set in a hat for a huge drawing, and that the particular person whose identify was drawn would get the honor of picking the layout that my Mumma would attract on the back again of my bald head, as soon as I’d shaved off all my hair. The proceeds were split equally in between the Delta County Cancer Alliance and Wildlife Limitless of Delta County. Jointly my angels lifted practically $2,500 to break up between two of my most loved charities!

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen with a new short haircut

It took me 3 haircuts this year to get to my bald canvas. Those of you who realized me 6 months in the past knew that I had extensive hair down to my reduced again, so my hair was a significant section of my id. I donated the initial foot of it to Youngsters With Hair Decline, so that another person else would be in a position to use a wig that I was equipped to expand for them myself. I’d carried out this the moment just before and had determined that at the time my hair reaches a particular length, I’m going to keep doing this until eventually I’m no lengthier all over to continue to keep expanding it. Feel of all the wigs that’ll be out in the world immediately after so quite a few years! Makes me smile. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen having fun with her new hair!

My 2nd haircut celebration was likely from my shortened bob haircut length to tomboy size, which was incredibly harder than heading pool-cue bald. Maybe it reminded me of the final time I’d had my hair this short in second quality, a little child mistook me for a boy, and my psyche never ever recovered. It’s possible it’s for the reason that I just don’t imagine short, limited hair is all that flattering on me. Regardless of what the cause, I experienced to electrical power-smile my way as a result of that overall week before the real shave took position, and that gave me a clean up slate in extra approaches than one particular. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen with a freshly shaved head

Very little suggests “I like you” pretty like your very good hairdresser close friend agreeing to turn you into a bowling ball (I’ve been informed I have a properly spherical head) and your 75-12 months-aged mother agreeing to draw a little something on the back again of your head for charity. And which is particularly what they did. The gal whose identify had been drawn preferred a hummingbird and a pink breast cancer ribbon in the design, and taking into consideration that the canvas was moveable skin covered in a gentle stubble, I think my mother truly kicked ass on the completed products! 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen used her bald head from chemo treatments as a canvas for breast cancer awareness art

It’s been two weeks functioning all around my corner of the environment with no hair, and the component I haven’t outlined until now, since I’ve been way too occupied pretending that being bald is a total hoot and a hilarious journey, is that oh boy, there are times when I truly feel sooooooo unsightly. I have place a few pics of my new design out on social media, and lots of individuals have commented on how wonderful I seem. But I never seriously consider them. I’m persuaded that they’re stating it just to make me experience superior, because, you know, Mile 8. The part in which I’m “ugly running” and persons do not have time to sit there on the sidelines and cheer me on each individual next of the day due to the fact they have their own life to reside. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen's mom painting her head

I realized without the need of a doubt that I’d have hideous days all through this marathon. The detail is, even when you know there will be struggles uphill, sometimes you do not see them coming until finally you are suitable smack dab in the middle of a person. And all you can do is acknowledge the hill, suck it up, buttercup, and retain plodding simply because faster or later on the floor will be level once more. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen during chemo treatment

The elegance I’ve been able to just take with me on this marathon because the commencing is my Beth Millner pieces. Regardless of whether I have had extensive hair or limited hair or no hair, they’ve been with me for the total marathon, like a talisman shielding me from feeling unattractive or from experience like a complete failure. They remind me of so many existence lessons I want to find out this time all around. When I head into each individual chemo mile marker, I’ve acquired a different perform of artwork accompanying me. A single 7 days it’s my bumblebee pedant, reminding me to preserve occupied and to retain shifting. The following it may be my heart pendant, reminding me of all the like and assist I’m using with me into every single of these sessions. A further is my butterfly selection, representing the variations that I’m heading by. It’s possible I’m sensation unappealing at this stage of my journey simply because that’s how it is supposed to go, like how the caterpillar could truly feel prior to it cocoons. But search at how I’ll be transformed at the end of this marathon!

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen enjoying life while undergoing cancer treatment

I’m on the lookout forward to sharing with you my complete line, my transformation, and my tale as it carries on to unfold. I have constantly claimed that my intent is to lead this sort of an strange and interesting everyday living so that I’ll have really excellent tales to convey to when I’m 100 many years old in the nursing dwelling, and boy, is this calendar year at any time producing! Thank you, my angels and cheerleaders, for putting yourselves along my marathon route and rooting for me. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kristen enjoying life while undergoing cancer treatment

Coincidentally, next week you could actually cheer me on, if you’re in the Escanaba-Gladstone region. My partner Todd and godson Noah and I are all “competing” in the MISH mini-triathlon on August 27. Noah will be performing the 3-mile kayak part, I will be biking 13.5 miles, and Todd will be functioning the 5k finale. I’m not absolutely sure I’ll be breaking any records for pace on Saturday, but you can most assuredly rely on me not being a quitter. 

Let us go, Group G! 

Be delighted, be perfectly.

Kris G