September 27, 2023

Coun Cilex

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Let’s Rank the 2022 Kennedy Center Honorees’ Menswear

As the bassist of U2, Clayton has had ample opportunity to get some big fits off both on- and offstage, of which he seems to have mostly seized. He, like Clooney, played it pretty safe during the official portrait with a bowtie and tux, which he swapped out for a floral printed jacket and cummerbund for the party. A little something!

3. Bono of U2

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Admittedly, the Kennedy Center Honors (or any other lifetime achievement ceremony) is probably not the ideal setting for a big fashion switch-up—especially when you are as devoted to uniform dressing as Bono. Tinted sunglasses and tiny hoop earrings are his thing. The round rose-colored glasses are a nice touch, but can you imagine if he’d whipped out some sick Matsuda lenses or weird Gentle Monster frames for the occasion?

2. Larry Mullen Jr. of U2

Drummers tend to be the coolest-looking members of any given band, and Mullen delivered on this front. Major ups to his thin-ribboned Western bow tie—a romantic and sort of poetic accessory that, if I had my druthers, really ought to have a big red carpet comeback next year, in a Daniel Day-Lewis at the 1994 Golden Globes type of way. Makes for a perfect “grown-up art kid” look.

1. The Edge of U2

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

But then we have The Edge, who positively freaked this White House formal dress code. A bolo tie, baubled lapels, his signature skull cap, monk-strap shoes… This is the kind of outfit you can accept a lifetime achievement award in and still keep the twinkle in your eye.