Conor McGregor doesn’t deserve the opportunity to fight Manny Pacquiao, according to the Filipino boxing legend’s strength and conditioning coach.

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Pacquiao looks in menacing shape ahead of Ugas clash

Manny Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune has said that Conor McGregor has not earned the right to demand a fight with the Filipino boxer. A boxing match between the two had been touted by McGregor for later this year, but Pacquiao has stuck to traditional boxing and is fighting Yordenis Ugas in a world title bout on Saturday.

Fortune was speaking with Coffee Friend, and dismissed any prospect of the fight while taking shots at McGregor’s boxing ability.

Fortune said: “It would have gone two rounds against McGregor – one round to warm up and one round to finish the guy.

“Or we could have warmed up properly in the changing rooms and it would have gone one round.

Manny Pacquiao’s coach has said that Conor McGregor doesn’t deserve to fight the Filipino legend


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“McGregor is not a boxer. It’s not his sport. Manny’s not an MMA guy, it’s not his sport.

“Put Manny against McGregor in MMA and McGregor destroys Manny. Manny against McGregor in boxing – Manny destroys him.

“It’s unfair to match them like that. Conor’s record is 1-5 in his last six fights. Why fight McGregor, McGregor does not deserve to fight Manny, why give McGregor the payday?

“What gives him the right to fight Manny? McGregor has loss after loss after loss.”

Fortune went on to suggest that McGregor should look for a payday by fighting some of the YouTubers who have entered the sport, namely Logan Paul. Logan and younger brother Jake have been organising big budget boxing events over the past few years with Jake set to battle UFC star Tyron Woodley later this month.

Fortune continued: “Fight Logan Paul for the money, big guy, deserves it. I like Logan Paul, he’s got some skills.

“These exhibitions are great for the guys on YouTube who are making a lot of money.”

While the Australian praised the new type of boxing, he did express concern about the increase in such bouts and the likelihood that someone might suffer a bad injury.

“But it’s all good until someone gets hurt. At the moment they’re making tons of money and no-one is getting hurt and that’s all well and good but if they start fighting serious guys – someone is going to get seriously hurt.”

Fortune took the chance to praise Pacquiao and also took aim at Floyd Mayweather over his failure to put on a rematch with Pacquiao after their 2015 bout.

He said: “We’ll never see another Pacquiao again. Period.

“Manny has surpassed Floyd Mayweather. If Floyd wanted to prove a point he would have fought Manny again.

“We all know Manny had a shoulder injury [in 2015]. The offers were put out there for the rematch – he wanted nothing to do with it.

“Instead he chose to fight Conor McGregor and a frigging YouTuber.

“Boxing has done him good. Mayweather, now he’s gone and sullied its name. They are great if they’re exhibitions, people just cashing out – good luck to you. But don’t let them go on your record.”