September 26, 2023

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Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds: What's the Difference?

Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

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Did you know that about 7,000 weddings took position every day for the duration of 2022? Which is a lot of wedding day invitations, cake-chopping ceremonies, bouquet tosses, and potentially most importantly of all: ring exchanges.

When marriage rings by themselves aren’t usually created of diamonds, numerous engagement rings are. From rings to earrings, pendants, and beyond, diamonds have been cherished due to the fact humans initial identified them quite a few centuries in the past!

Right now, purely natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds are practically indistinguishable from every other. What just is the distinction amongst the two? In this helpful guidebook, we’ll investigate the variance involving normal vs. lab-grown diamonds. 

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

In December of 1954, a nicely-identified electrical corporation identified as Normal Electrical branched out from its normal study involving electrical solutions to creating artificial diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are exactly as they sound: diamonds meticulously developed underneath the watchful eye of lab researchers. These initial diamonds established in a lab in the mid-’50s have been rudimentary in contrast to what we see currently.

These kinds of diamonds are similarly as beautiful as normal diamonds. Except if you have the experienced eye of an expert to help you, lab grown diamonds appear and come to feel exactly like their all-natural counterparts. The most important variation among the two is how they’re built.

The Generating of a Lab Grown Diamond

To make these gorgeous gems that mimic types from the earth, gurus use two strategies: chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and significant-strain superior temperature (HPHT).

In the course of the chemical vapor deposition approach, a small slice of diamond will get placed into a high-temperature chamber among the carbon-wealthy fuel. In the course of this method, about an extended period of a couple weeks, the carbon gasoline ionizes and the resulting particles adhere to the diamond slice. These particles will eventually crystalize and sort a diamond.

Superior Tension

Alternately, the higher-force high temperature technique is intended to mimic far more closely the earth’s natural process for building diamonds. Throughout this strategy, a small piece of carbon receives placed inside a capsule in a more substantial equipment.

The capsule in which the carbon resides receives uncovered to incredibly superior temperatures and an severe quantity of tension. This heat and strain result in the carbon to break down, finally crystalizing into a diamond.

Dependent on the approach employed, the condition of the diamond crystals will vary thanks to the advancement pattern produced all through the course of action. 

Lab Grown Diamond Positive aspects

Apart from the simple fact that we can create beautiful diamonds by recreating the earth’s natural procedures, there are further positive aspects to getting a lab developed diamond. Lab-developed diamonds are:

  • Top quality
  • Sustainable
  • Additional affordable
  • Ethically sourced
  • Confirmed origin to acquisition

Diamonds grown in a lab are similarly as stunning as a all-natural diamond and bring about very little harm to the atmosphere. From purchaser to provider, lab grown diamonds are an cost-effective alternative for all.

The Creating of a Purely natural Diamond

The journey of a diamond commences deep inside the earth’s surface area. A lot like the procedures described over, all-natural diamonds are a end result of carbon deposits subjected to severe temperature and force.

Simply place, normal diamonds are designed from bonded carbon atoms. Diamonds can form in 4 unique regions:

  • The earth’s mantle
  • Subduction zones
  • Asteroid effects websites
  • Meteorites in area

Even though the imagined of diamonds floating around in room might be a pleasurable 1, these unique diamonds, recognised as nano-diamonds, are much too little for use in jewellery generating.

Kinds of Diamonds

The two most commonly known sorts of diamonds are normal and lab-grown. Nevertheless, these can be even further categorized based on particular aspects. Specific stones can be labeled below more than 1 diamond style such as kind I and variety II.

These styles are even more damaged down as:

  • Type Ia
  • Variety IIa
  • Form Ib
  • Sort IIb

Diamonds form with certain anomalies that are invisible to the bare eye. These anomalies affect the coloration and physical appearance of a diamond. For instance, a Ia style diamond ordinarily ranges from no colour to obtaining a a little yellow tint to it. This is due to the fact of the substantial clusters of nitrogen in the course of. 

Conversely, variety IIb diamonds include no nitrogen but can have a bluish tint.

The 4 Criteria

From organic to person-made, the common shopper tends to assess a diamond not by any specialized terms but instead by means of four distinct classes: color, clarity, carat, and reduce.

From brilliant yellow to blinding white, coloration is commonly the initial detail anyone notices when hunting at a diamond.


Whilst coloration preference in diamonds is entirely private, some “extravagant colored” diamonds are observed to be a lot more exceptional and a lot more valuable than others. In point, according to the Gemological Institute of The us, only 1 of each individual 10,000 diamonds is categorized to have a extravagant color.

Some diamonds do get a colour-dealt with therapy. These kind of diamonds are normally considerably less pricey as the shade receives added artificially.

There are a several procedures or treatment method methods employed to transform the coloration of a diamond. Just one of which contains employing a slender film coating of paint. Other approaches include things like irradiation and warmth, large-strain, large-temperature annealing, and low-force, high-temperature annealing.


Diamonds will by natural means have specified flaws and imperfections. To that end, there are specific tiers for describing a diamond’s clarity:

  • Flawless
  • Internally flawless
  • Very, really slightly provided
  • Extremely marginally provided
  • A little provided
  • Provided

To the common shopper, these distinguishing names audio equivalent. The only way to certainly inform a diamond’s clarity is to have it seemed at by a competent grader.


Even to the untrained shopper, persons are commonly common with the term carat.

Whilst many diamonds are less than one carat, a high-carat diamond can however be valued at considerably less than reduce-carat diamonds based on top quality. To that conclusion, carat does not constantly equal greater benefit, a carat is basically the weight of a diamond.


The cut of a diamond refers to its visible options these as symmetry and proportions. The procedure assists a diamond’s normal capabilities glow.

How a diamond will get slash is subject to a grading process as effectively.

The grading technique appears as follows:

  • Fantastic
  • Incredibly very good
  • Very good
  • Fair
  • Lousy

Diamonds that have an great reduce and a high rating of quite great or excellent have a tendency to market for a better premium.


An honorable mention in conditions of what people today shop for when on the lookout at diamonds is the form of a diamond. A diamond’s all round condition varies considerably from diamond to diamond. It is normally the very first detail customers seem at when seeking to obtain a piece of jewelry.

Technically, diamonds can be slash into just about any condition. Having said that, there are a couple well-liked types this kind of as:

  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Round

The a lot more uncommon styles could include things like everything from baguettes to 50 percent moons. When shaping a diamond, the individual who results in the form will do so to increase the diamond’s carat and general worth.

Styles of Stones

When purchasing for a particular piece, not absolutely everyone gravitates towards a purely natural diamond or a lab-developed a person. There are lots of distinctive types of stones obtainable for crafting the ideal engagement ring or pair of earrings.

From lab-grown diamond hoops to pure emerald stud earrings, here’s a brief and sweet checklist of choices to the basic diamond:

  • Citrine
  • Aquamarine
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Opal
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz

Any of these gemstones get classified likewise to diamonds as purely natural or lab developed. Nevertheless, there are significant discrepancies in the properties of every stone.

The Best Diamonds

A diamond might be the strongest substance nonetheless located on our earth. Nevertheless, this is not what draws individuals to these glittering treasures. The benefit of a diamond, whether or not lab developed or all-natural, will come from its fat, purity, and in general clarity.

Some diamonds are observed with far more nitrogen impurities than other people and some consider billions of many years to be formed beneath the earth.

No matter if lab-grown or all-natural, the ideal diamonds are the kinds that keep that means for the wearer.

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