September 26, 2023

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diptyque do son limited edition blue collection 2023

NEW Limited Edition Diptyque Do Son Collection : January 2023

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diptyque do son limited edition blue collection 2023


NEW The Minimal Version Do Son selection


‘Immerse in the blue of Do Son and explore a collection of perfumed creations. To see and encounter: a new limited-edition collection, in a dreamy, oceanic colour palette.’

Indeed, which is right, the Diptyque Do Son collection has some beautiful new (& confined version!) packaging in this beautiful blue hue! I unquestionably love it and am so tempted to inventory up on some of the perfume and even a candle! This has just launched (05.01.23) and will not be all over for too very long so definitely seize it while you can.

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diptyque do son limited edition blue collection 2023

Diptyque fragrances are some of my favourite and I have a pretty significant selection of them now. When people ask me what my favorite scent is….it is basically possibly the Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette. I feel it’s an absolute spectacular fragrance and it evokes fantastic recollections for me as it is a fragrance I have worn for around 10 years now.

Diptyque Do Son: Tuberose, Orange blossom, Jasmine, Amber wooden 

Diptyque Do son is explained as a floral fragrance for ladies. It has notes of tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine and amber wooden. It is a quite very and warm fragrance.

Diptyque Do Son Evaluation :

As a boy or girl, Yves Coueslant, a person of diptyque’s founders, put in his summers in Do Son, in Halong Bay. The sea breeze carried with it the heady, spicy scent of tuberoses. Do Son has the delicateness and persistence of a memory from a childhood in Indochina – a memory of flowers in all their sensual delight.

Diptyque Do Son was designed and introduced in 2005 and is explained as a floral fragrance for ladies. The nose powering this fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin. Prime notes are African Orange flower, iris and Rose center notes are Tuberose and Pink Pepper foundation notes are Benzoin and Musk.

This fragrance is genuinely developed all around the intoxicating scent of the tuberose flower which will take centre stage. Imagine white bouquets versus wood…a warm sea breeze and twinkling, silent reflection in h2o. It is a sensual delight and I uncover it genuinely warming and fairly.

diptyque do son limited edition blue collection 2023

My private Diptyque Do Son journey : I utilized to work in a fragrance boutique several many years back and got chatting to a girl who started out to converse about this fragrance. She was a everyday-glam woman : she had income but it wasn’t on show….anyone who appeared super switched on to all things beauty and I have a feeling she labored in fashion and was a bit of a social butterfly. In my thoughts I was like ‘ma’am you are seriously fucking cool’.  I think she was all-around 60…and she was off to Ibiza to possibly dangle in super-high-priced-and-fashionable-dining establishments-in which-men and women-use-swimwear-and-chanel. She Required Diptyque Do Son to choose on vacation with her as it was her summertime fragrance. She insisted that I smelt it at my subsequent possibility and that was the start of my Diptyque Do Son journey – that is how it arrived into my everyday living! The neat girl in the shop.

It is in fact just one of my all-time favourites scents from Diptyque. I *do* have a tendency to don it a lot more in the summer, maybe affected by my story above on how I received released to it. I think of it as Ibiza, warmth, holidays, dry sun and a sea breeze. Even though it is unquestionably a floral fragrance is has that little bit of something that sets it apart from other individuals. 

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diptyque do son limited edition blue collection 2023

What does diptyque Do Son smell like?

Do Son captures the intoxicating scent of the exceptional tubéreuse flower for an exotic olfactory expertise. It is a floral fragrance for females and also has notes of orange flower, iris, rose, jasmine pink pepper, benzoin and musk. I consider it has a warm sweetness to it : it is a quite, hot and sensual scent. I prefer it as a summer fragrance individually but I know tons who adore it all 12 months spherical. You can unquestionably odor tuberose as the main take note and I normally detect the orange blossom straight away when it is very first spritzed onto the skin. 

Is Diptyque Do Son unisex?

It totally up to the wearer and own flavor. It was manufactured with ladies in head and I would say it’s incredibly considerably a typical women’s scent in conditions of sweetness and floral. Men’s fragrances tend to be a lot more aqua / water / citrus and musky and this is none of those people issues seriously. It does have base notes of musk but it’s even now not a quite major or masculine smelling fragrance. As a present I wouldn’t get this for a guy until they instructed me they beloved it!

diptyque do son limited edition blue collection 2023

The Diptyque Do Son Collection. 

As it it just one of their very best-offering fragrances, they have a big collection of all factors Do Son scented for you to love. Now they do the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum in numerous dimensions, a soap, a refillable sound perfume, a hand cream, a hair mist, perfumed ceramics, a perfumed brooch (!!), shower gel and a human body mist. Of system they now do a ton of these aforementioned products and solutions in the new, constrained version ocean blue shades.

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It can be really frightening obtaining a fragrance you haven’t in fact smelt in serious life….I’ve only at any time carried out it after myself BUT if you purchase a Diptyque fragrance from the Diptyque internet site…each fragrance invest in will now consist of a matching sample. you can then use the sample to test the fragrance on your pores and skin right before opening the full-dimension bottle. Just make guaranteed you really do not rip open the packing on the most important bottle as Diptyque will only accept unopened returns inside of 28 days of authentic obtain.

diptyque do son limited edition blue collection 2023