When you look at the Samaritans carry out their sacred traditions, you would never ever know the ancient religious buy is on the brink of extinction.

On their holiest of evenings, Passover, sacrificial sheep arrive as a pack.

They are led by a person who pushes his way by way of the crowd to a mountaintop compound wherever a dozen pits of fire crackle and spit into the night air. 

The white-clad faithful are some of the couple of remaining users of the Samaritans, a spiritual minority who trace their lineage back to the Israelites Moses led from slavery in Egypt. 

The religion is probably very best acknowledged from the biblical parable of the Good Samaritan who, in accordance to Jesus, helped an hurt traveller on the highway to Jericho. 

For Passover, a ritual sacrifice is built, and Samaritans feast on the sheep. (

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Currently, only about 800 Samaritans continue to be, divided amongst four wide people, unfold among Mount Gerizim in the heart of Palestinian territory and the Israeli town of Holon.

With men earning up quite a few of its remaining members, this cloistered group should now count on girls from the outside planet for its survival.

The Samaritan females scarcity

The Samaritans ended up as soon as a a great deal larger sized neighborhood, with at the very least a million persons in biblical times living throughout what we know right now as the Middle East. 

Two men walk around an empty pit with stacks of firewood in the background
Now, there are about 800 Samaritans still left. (

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“We after had quite a few of our men and women,” says Taqqi, a Samaritan leader dressed in resplendent robes.

“[Today], they are extinct.” 

In truth, episodes of brutal suppression, displacement and enslavement above the hundreds of years, as perfectly as a shrinking gene pool, have intended a drop in the total quantity of residing Samaritans. 

Rapidly forward hundreds of years, and these days Samaritans facial area a new and urgent issue: A shortage of females and an oversupply of males. 

A reticence to marry outsiders put together with men outnumbering ladies by a sizeable variable has led to some marrying in their extended family members. 

For straight Samaritan adult men in certain, that can make the prospect of courting difficult. 

“It is incredibly challenging, but what is intended to be is meant to be,” says Ben Yehoshua, an unmarried 32-calendar year-outdated insurance policy agent from Holon, south of Tel Aviv. 

“If a few is intended to be alongside one another, they will meet up with.” 

A young Middle Eastern man sits on a chair on a rooftop
Ben, a 32-calendar year-previous unmarried Samaritan, is leaving it up to destiny to obtain his bride. (

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Marrying inside of the identical gene pool has led to a superior variety of beginning problems and genetic issues.

And so in current decades, there has been a escalating pattern of inviting gals, largely from nations in japanese Europe, to be a part of the group in Israel and the occupied West Lender. 

A lot of previous Soviet Union nations have the inverse trouble to the Samaritans.

Women considerably outnumber adult males in nations like Russia and Ukraine, where by young males have a startlingly large mortality level induced by alcoholic beverages abuse. 

And so many japanese European ladies search overseas for appreciate. 

“It can be not a magic formula to discover a mate outdoors the neighborhood,” says Mr Yehoshua.

The arduous rules for Samaritan women  

Judy Smith, a Samaritan girl in Holon, estimates at the very least a dozen girls have been “imported”, as she describes it, to marry Samaritan guys in the final handful of a long time. 

“We favor not to do it. Only if there is no other way,” she states. 

A woman with long flowing dark hair sits grinning with the sun shining on her face.
“[We women] have a large amount of obligation to proceed the community,” Judy Smith suggests. (

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They are rigorously taught Samaritan principles and customs, and are eased into lifestyle in possibly Holon or Mount Gerizim, wherever they are anticipated to remain and help increase massive families. 

“[We women] have a great deal of duty to keep on the local community,” Ms Smith claims.  

The lifestyle shock for newcomers can be considerable. 

When a Samaritan girl is menstruating, she is deemed unclean, relieved of her domestic chores, and separated from the relaxation of the house. 

She has her individual area and utensils, and need to not contact her spouse or anything at all in the property. 

Just after childbirth, a woman can’t have any contact with her husband for a selected number of days. This can fluctuate relying on if she has a boy or a lady.

If she has a boy, the couple remain apart for 40 days and if it can be a girl, they have to stay aside for 80 days.

On top rated of their demographic problems, some younger Samaritans, uncovered to a modern day world their ancestors could by no means have dreamed of, are picking out to enterprise away from their regular upbringings. 

A small girl in white clothing grins while holding an older man's hand
Some younger Samaritans are deciding upon to go away at the rear of the purchase and commence new lives in the present day earth. (

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The availability of the web and streaming companies in unique is driving some younger folks to start off new lives exterior the local community, according to Ms Smith. 

A Samaritan who chooses to go away the purchase is excommunicated. 

“There are a lot of hazards in all the know-how,” she suggests.

“These days, everyone at just about every age can acquire the distant and handle what they want to see.” 

‘God will not annihilate us’

With the present day globe posing new threats, the Samaritans are clinging to their traditions now extra than at any time.

As the light fades on the day of passover, the ritual sacrifice starts. The animals are killed and organized to be roasted in the burning pits and eaten.

Close by, a group of burly firefighters from the Palestinian metropolis of Nablus preserve a watchful eye on proceedings, even though they are additional curious than nervous.

Flames billow out of a fire pit
Quite a few Samaritans say they’re self-confident their way of lifetime will persist. (

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“We’ve under no circumstances had a hearth-connected incident,” claims a person firefighter, Abdullah Uthman, with a grin.

“I’ve been accomplishing this for 20 years.” 

Inside the compound atop Mount Gerizim, coverage agent Ben Yehoshua surveys the Passover ceremony unfolding just before him. 

“We are aware of the quantity declining,” he claims. 

“But we are insisting to maintain our classic way of dwelling.”

He is between a selection of Samaritans, who consider that not only will their buy survive, but flourish, as it at the time did in antiquity.

To numerous, the annual continuation of their wonderful Passover feast is proof of that.

A handful of metres away, Samaritan leader Taqqi piles much more olive branches into a single of the dozen or so fire pits, wiping sweat from his brow. 

“We have religion, and we believe that that God will not annihilate us.” 

A man in flowing pink robes and a white hand stands with his hands clasped.
The Samaritans have lived in the Holy Land for hundreds of yrs. (

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